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Babyliss Pro Curl

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curling Treatment

Are you looking for curls that will last for up to 3 – 4 days?

Curls that will hold and won’t drop out, Curls that will hold from dusk until dawn?

If you have flat hair, straight hair or whether your hair is short or long, the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl treatment gives amazing results leaving your hair looking gorgeous!

The Babyliss Pro Perfect Curler is the hottest new styling tool creating a variety of styles from softer loose waves to tighter more defined curls, creating beautiful long lasting curls.

The innovative new styler effortlessly creates gorgeous curls in no time, closing the hair cuticle resulting in smooth glossy hair.

The Babyliss Pro Perfect Curler is the most cutting edge curling treatment when it comes to hair styling giving you curls that won’t drop and will hold from dusk until dawn! With its ceramic curl chamber for smooth shiny curl creation it is kind to the hair, with different heat settings for soft curls, defined curls or looser waves for different hair types, resulting in long lasting fabulous curls.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl At Malcolm Oliver Hair Design

At Malcolm Oliver Hair Design our expert stylists can create fabulous curls for every day or for that special occasion, so book today for your Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Treatment.

To book an appointment for beautiful long lasting curls call the salon on 0151 342 4005