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Imagine if you could prevent your hair from breaking and repair damaged strands by linking the bonds back together again. This is now possible thanks to a revolutionary new hair treatment called OLAPLEX.

OLAPLEX promises to repair your hair’s structure from the inside, restoring its health and vitality. If you want to know more about OLAPLEX which is now available at Malcolm Oliver Hair Design, read on to find out more about this wonderful new treatment.

What is OLAPLEX?

OLAPLEX is a new hair treatment especially beneficial for chemically coloured hair, or heat and sun damaged hair.  It has the potential to restore the health of all damaged hair types.  The treatment works by repairing the ‘disulphide bonds’ which are the bonds which make up the hair shaft. Hair is left feeling natural, softer and look stronger – as though it was never coloured at all.

How does OLAPLEX work?

The great thing about OLAPLEX is that it can be applied as part of the colouring process, preventing damage without impacting the coverage of the colour. It can also be applied as a stand alone treatment for when your hair is looking a bit frazzled. The treatment is a three-step process which begins with the OLAPLEX Bond Multiplier applied all over the hair and left for five minutes to take (this would be left in with the hair dye during the colouring process). Next comes the Bond Perfector which boosts the repair process further. The third step is the Hair Perfector which is a treatment to prolong treatment results for you to use at home. There are no chemical smells, no burning or tingling, just the same feeling you’d get as any other hair treatment, with superb results.

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Why should I try it?

If you have damaged hair, whether it’s from heat styling, colouring or poor maintenance, OLAPLEX is the answer for you. Damaged hair loses its lustre and shine, its ability to grow and is more difficult to style. Using effective science, OLAPLEX aims to turn back the clock to make your hair strong and resilient, making it healthy and bouncy once more.

Who’s using OLAPLEX?

Who isn’t using it? Celebrities rave about OLAPLEX and if you’ve ever wondered how Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow manage to keep colouring their hair but keep it looking fresh and glossy, then you’ll find it as no surprise that it’s all down to OLAPLEX. Celebrities and their stylists are all talking about the treatment, and how it has changed everything in the world of colour.  OLAPLEX has made headlines across the UK and the US with everyone wanting to check out the amazing before and after photos.

OLAPLEX at Malcolm Oliver Hair Design

If you would like to try OLAPLEX for yourself, book a consultation with one of our stylists call 0151 342 4005. It’s a simple, affordable treatment which will provide a huge boost to your hair.