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Shellac Nails

What is Shellac?

Shellac is an amazing breakthrough for manicures and pedicures.shellac nails heswall wirral
As the worlds first “super polish”, it has a lot to live up to.

Shellac is  a nail polish that lasts a full 14 days without chipping….for some people, even longer!

The Shellac colours are gorgeous and the price isn’t much more than a typical polish manicure.

 What are the benefits of Shellac?

  • Shellac is the first hybrid nail colour.
  • No more nicks, chips or smudges.
  • Zero Dry time, as it is UV cured.
  • No wearing at the nails edge, does not dull, chip or scratch.
  • Flawless with a high gloss shine for at least 14 days.
  • No more dents/depression marks or dulling.
  • Tough and flexible.
  • Brilliant depth of colour.
  • Shellac polish does not crack, or snag.
  • Shellac is thin yet very  strong and protects and can help strengthen natural nails.
  • Requires no damaging prep before application.
  • Can be removed gently within 10 minutes and requires no drilling, filing or soaking.

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Includes: Filing and cuticle work
Shellac Toes
Includes: Filing and cuticle work
Shellac Removal£5.00
Shellac Removal if having a reshellac£2.50


shellac nails heswall wirral