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Feather is the brand new Premier Collection, presented by Dimples, which has been manufactured specifically for hair loss sufferers. This collection is focused wholeheartedly on providing only the highest quality and extreme luxury for the long term wearer. A style that suits you – a style that suits your personality The styles and colours have been carefully selected to reflect modern, contemporary and classic hair designs in the 21st century, in order for the wearer to feel completely comfortable. Hair loss can be the result of a very difficult time in a person’s life, and can be a distressing process for someone to go through. Therefore, Dimples believe that a wig should be an extension of the individual’s personality to ensure they are confident in themselves and around other people. Presenting……Feather Dimples are delighted to be able to present the Feather Premier Collection. As a long-established company, we have been dealing with hair loss replacement for over 40 years. We are extremely pleased to have designed, developed and produced a collection which is worthy for hair loss sufferers to wear. Dimples know how uncomfortable some wigs can be, and many people continue to endure the pain and itching of poorer quality wigs, leaving them lacking self-confidence. Wig wearers tend to restrict their outdoor activities depending on the weather, with sunny and windy days being the most daunting. Combined with the added fear that people may notice that they are wearing a wig, it can be difficult for sufferers to fully relax. Feather is carefully designed and thoughtfully manufactured to provide optimum comfort – all of the time. Superior Construction The Feather collection wigs are all 100% handmade, ensuring that they are of the highest quality, with no uneven edges or scratchy surfaces. All the materials used provide a soft, silky touch to the skin, and keep the scalp protected. The wigs have a double monofilament layer instead of the usual single layer, which makes the wig much softer on the scalp. The superfine lace front provides an undetectable front hairline and polyurethane patches are used on the inside to ensure security even when out on a windy day or swimming. Dimples have also ensured that the density is correct on the soft hand knotted base to ensure that the wig will not be noticed by anyone else. Success for hair loss sufferers The Feather Premier Collection has been specially designed and constructed for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or through illness, such as alopecia. These women deserve the very best hair replacement products, and the new collection will provide them with amazing quality that they have never been able to find in any other wig. Dimples are always striving to provide the highest quality products and this new, innovative wig system is a major step for us, and a huge achievement that we can offer to all hair loss sufferers. The Feather collection contains 14 different styles, including 12 synthetic and 2 human hair, available in a selection of colours and sizes.