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Wig Care


Some golden rules:
· Keep your synthetic wig away from excessive heat and make sure you DO NOT use curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers or other hot styling instruments as they will damage the fibre. Do not leave your wig near a radiator.
· Be careful wearing a wig around areas of extreme heat such as near an oven, fireplace or BBQ. Extra caution should be taken when opening an oven or dishwasher door as the heat may damage the fibre.

· When not wearing the wig, make sure it is stored properly. Preferably try to keep your wig on a block or wig tree.
· Never brush the wig when it is wet.
· Finally in order to increase the life of your wig, we recommend washing your wig regularly with the specially formulated products available for fibre wigs and using  Fibre Oil Conditioner to maintain its natural appearance.




· Before washing, brush the wig gently using a Brush
· Prepare a bowl of cold or lukewarm water and add a capful of  specially formulated wig shampoo. Carefully immerse the wig into the solution, swish it about gently and then leave it to soak for three minutes.
· Repeat the process using three capfuls of wig conditioner. Please note this  has been specially formulated to soften, smooth and thoroughly revitalise your wig and help it to regain suppleness, volume and manageability.
· Rinse the wig in cold water and shake off excess water, then place it on the wig rack to dry at room temperature.

Do NOT brush while wet.
Do NOT use hair dryer or any form of heat either direct or indirect.
Do NOT leave on the radiator.

· In order to increase the life of your wig, we recommend that you use Wig Fibre Oil Conditioner to maintain its natural appearance and to help protect the fibre from damage when it is being brushed.
· Water soluble Wig Gel Spray and  Hair Spray can be used to give that desired shine and hold without stiffness.


The must have product: FIBRE OIL CONDITIONER

Fibre Oil Conditioner conditions synthetic fibre, prevents static, frizzing and damage caused by excessive brushing. This is an essential item and continuous use of this Oil Conditioner will guarantee to prolong the life of the fibre.


Synthetic or Human Hair?

Synthetic or Human Hair?

Want to buy a wig but can’t decide between synthetic or real-hair?

The following list of advantages and disadvantages provides you with the necessary overview:

Human Hair Wigs


The hair can be coloured.

The hair can be straightened or curled.

The wigs look very natural.

Real-hair wigs can also be cut to your preferred style.

The wigs last longer.

The hair can take any shampoo.


Caring for the hair is more time consuming.

Real hair has its price.

Synthetic Hair Wigs


“Ready to go” – synthetic-hair wigs come ready styled.

The wigs retain their original look even after washing.

Good value for money.

Low maintenance.

Large choice of models.


The hair cannot take any heat.

You have to decide between straight or curly hair and the hairstyle cannot then be changed. The wigs do not last as long as human-hair wigs (around a year)

Can only be washed with a special shampoo.